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Social Media

Social Media has become an essential part of any online business. However fitting your logo into the small space that social media sites provide and look good can be a daunting task. So how do you Brand yourself so that people know its the same you as on your website. Read on as we teach you how to do that.

Tips For Social Media

Most social media sites provide a limited number of settings to show your branding, the trick here is not to reinvent the wheel but to live within the constraints. For example in facebook they provide a fixed width on the profile picture but height can be variable, so if your logo is horizontal you need to create it vertically or simply rotate it 90 degrees whatever suitable. Below is the example of what we did with our logo for Social Media.

Twitter Branding

Twitter Provides two things you can customize one is the twitter avatar other is the background. Since new twitter was launched backgrounds have become obsolete as very less of it is visible when people are logged in but the background shows well when someone accesses your twitter profile directly. Checkout the photo below for comparison.

Twitter Seen Directly by visitors without login

Twitter Page visible to users if they are not logged on to twitter.

Twitter Profile Layout After Login

New Twitter profile layout after a user logs in As you see very less background is visible.

Some part of the background will be visible through the transparent pane on right side. So you need to plan your background accordingly. If you get confused on the background there is an easier alternative called Themelon. Themelon allows you to customize twitter on the fly, it has many ready themes that you can try on and you can also customize them as you wish so check it out.


Now for the twitter Avatar. Twitter provides you a space of 128 x 128 pixels so you have to cram your logo into that. It might be difficult. So if you have a horizontal text logo you can break the words in two rows like we did with our logo. We also added in a heart to depict social media.

Logo Modifications for Twitter Avatar

Else you can take initials of words and show your full logo on the background on to the left or right side of it as suitable. If you already have a symbol you can use it else you can simply crop your logo in a creative way so that your message still reaches the masses.

CS5 Twitter Avatar

Nike Basketball Twitter Avatar

Brooklyn Vegan Twitter Avatar

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Branding Facebook

Facebook Pages are a great way to establish your branding on Facebook. Facebook provides a vertical space for your branding so you need to rearrange your logo accordingly. There is also a thumbnail that is generated with the profile picture, you get controls on what part of your logo needs to show in thumbnail space. Choose what is best suited in your case. Example below will make things more clear.

22 Feet Facebook Profile

There is more to Facebook than Just a profile image, like you can create a new fresh page in Facebook or even something like a small site with the Facebook markup language FBML. Since that is beyond scope of this article we will see the detailed process on how to make an awesome Facebook page in upcoming articles. You can even follow us on Facebook to get updates.

Branding YouTube Channel

You tube also provide decent amount of control over styling and branding. You can change colors fonts and backgrounds. The settings are under “Themes & Colors” tab on your page.

YouTube Settings

You can add a profile picture. since profile picture is square space you can do same as we did with twitter avatar. Below is the example of how we changed our logo to match YouTube, notice we added a small camera icon in the background. Possibilities are endless and you can create innovative avatars.

One interesting feature that YouTube has is that you can make your channel page semi-transparent or completely transparent also you tube channel pages have a fixed width of 960px and by default it aligns background to the top center of the page. You can use all these features to your advantage by making and interesting background so that its visible through the semi-transparent page or a complete layout like background and make the page transparent so that it give a feel of a totally new custom page.

YouTube Transparency Settings

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No site today can live without social media integration and we hope these tips will help you to build a better brand image on social media. Stay tuned for more such great stuff on our blog. Until next time…

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