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How to Create Fresh & Awesome Dew Effect In Photoshop

Mar 3, 2011   //   by JMonit   //   Blog, Graphics, Photoshop, Photoshop Tutorials, Tutorials  //  No Comments

Today we are going to learn how to make controllable dew effect in Photoshop. The effect works on text as well as pixels. It can help you get that water like transparency effect quickly.

So lets dig in and see how its done.


Icon Design 101

Recipe For Making Perfect Icons

Jan 12, 2011   //   by JMonit   //   Blog, Graphics, Icons  //  No Comments

Icons today have evolved a lot for being simple 24 x 24 pixel icons to big 3D styled very realistic ones. Websites are coming up everyday with there own set of icons and they are no longer considered secondary, infact more focus is given towards detailed icons. So today we see what makes a great icon great.


Welcome to JMonit Design Blog

Dec 29, 2010   //   by JMonit   //   Blog, Welcome  //  No Comments

Our Warmest regards to all our readers. We are starting a new blog from today which will talk about design, new trends and all sorts of design tricks and solution for all you designers out there. Our core focus will be on modern Graphic design, Web design, Latest trends in design, Typography, Video Design, Blog Design, UI Design, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials & Inspirations Design Articles and more…